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Synblood - $75.00 Per Gallon
Actor Safe! Action Props - Low As $34.95

Custom Props - Knives, Hatchets, Axes, Phones, Lamps, Hammers, Stakes, Scissers, Screw Drivers and more!
Beauty Makeup and Hair
Special Makeup Effects
Special Effects
Pyrotechnic Effects
Atmosphere Weather Effects
Miniature Effects
Mechanical Effects
Engineering Effects
Visual Effects - Modeling, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Dynamics, Rotoscope, Motion Graphics, Motion Titles and more!

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Special Effects Company, Synapse FX is an integrated special effects company providing both Practical Special Effects & Visual Special Effects for the film, television and advertising industries. All your special effects needs under one roof.
Special Effects Company, Synapse FX, is a multi-talented film special effects company that can aid you in both cost effectiveness and simplicity for your next film project. Our dedicated staff has 20 years of experience in practical and visual special effects under one roof. Instead of hiring many different firms for your special effects needs, why not give Synapse FX a try?
In today’s fast-paced industry, isn’t it time to lessen the burden in finding different firms for different needs? We're here to make things simple for you and we also offer very competitive pricing. Believe us when we say…."We'll work with you!" At Synapse, we always have your best result in mind.
Our prices are very competitive. No matter how small or large the budget may be, we will work with you! Learn more about what we can do for your production by visiting one of our effects pages. Our special effects team looks forward to impressing you!

SYNAPSEFX - ...just when you thought it was all in your mind! A Motion Picture Special Effects Company


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