Special Effects Company, Synapse FX

is an integrated special effects company providing both Practical Special Effects & Visual Special Effects for the film, television and advertising industries. All your special effects needs under one roof.
Special Effects Company, Synapse FX is a multi-talented special effects company that can aid you in both cost effectiveness and simplicity for your next film project. Our dedicated staff has 20 years of experience in special effects under one roof. Instead of hiring many different teams for your special effects needs, why not give Synapse FX a try? Our team looks forward to impressing you!

SYNAPSE FX...just when you thought it was all in your mind!

A Motion Picture Special Effects Company
  • knife prop blood pumping

    Bleeding Buck Knife Prop

    This rubber tip knife comes complete with syringe & blood pumping tube. Buck Knife also sold seperately!

  • Syringe Prop Disappearing Liquid

    Syringe Prop

    Fill this syringe prop with a thin liquid and watch it disappear! Metal needle with rounded tip.

  • Head Hatchet Prop

    Head Hatchet Prop

    This hallow Hatchet Prop can be mounted on the head or anywhere on a radius. Full Hatchet Prop also for purchase.

  • Baseball Bat Prop with Nails

    Baseball Bat Prop & Nails

    Our foam Baseball Bat Prop comes complete with 8 rubber nails attached at the head. COMING SOON!

  • Pros Aid Appliances

    Pros Aid Appliances

    We sell a large assortment of High Quality Pros Aid Appliances. Wounds, Lacerations, Compound Fractures and more.

  • Organic Steak Prop

    Organic Steak Prop

    This rubber steak prop is made from an organic material that is safe to put in mouth. COMING SOON!

  • Prop Scissors

    Prop Scissors

    These rubber tip Scissors is the perfect murder weapon for your film or project. Also available in solid plastic.

  • Order a custom prop

    Order A Custom Prop

    If you're in need of a custom prop to be created for your production, we take special orders.



    You'll never use another FAKE FILM BLOOD again! Made to order to preserve freshness. Amazing HD color!