Special Effects Company

Special Effects Company
Special Effects are more then just Makeup Effects...but yet a combination of different FX Elments working together to create a specific effect.

What we do and more:

Anything from a blood "gag" to a prop that "bleeds," a full creature suit to custom teeth, stabbings, throat cuts, limbs or dead bodies.  Effects like these are more common than you think, for example on CSI when you see a rib being broken, a bullet ripping through flesh, or a stab wound to the chest. The use of these effects are unlimited and the creation is just the beginning.
At Synapse FX your needs are never far from reality. With the newest technology in fabrication and materials in the industry we'll give your film the missing element you've been looking for!


Our Special Effects Work

glowing zombie
A Double Suicide - Heart Shaped Exit Wound Blood Splatter - Exquisite Corpse
Body in BloodRiver
Burnt Head in Oven
Cadaver with Exposed Brain - Exquisite Corpse
Cadaver with Exposed Brain - Full - Exquisite Corpse
Contacts and Custom Fangs - Merek - HalfMoon
Crustacean Bloody Death
Crustacean hippie Blood Spray
Crustacean stuckpig Blood Spray
Custom Double Fangs
Custom Fangs
Custom Vampire Fangs
Ed Kemper with Young Girls Head
Fake Prop Hand Top Veiw - Half Moon
Fake Prop Hand Under - Half Moon
Head in Over
Human Buffet
Jeffery Dommer Drilling Boy in the Head
Kemper-Wire Strangulation
Knife Stab to the Hand
Lost Her Head
Murdered Hybrid Werewolve
Neck Slice in Blood River
Neck Slit with Knife in Kemper
Pitchfork through Head
Prosthetic Leg
Shark Attack Blood Slick
Spike Nailed through Foot - Adam - ReCut
Spike Nailed through Foot - ReCut
TestTub Lodged in Head
Toes Cut Off from Machete
Tortured Blood FX
Tortured Bloody Body Bag-ReCut
Washing Blood from the Knives
Zombie Prop - Painted by Joe Cornell
pregnant belly

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