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Apr 02

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

SYNAPSE FX is a full service studio specializing in a large array of special effects. To each new challenge, we bring over 20 years of experience and tradition of excellence in the entertainment industry. Keeping up with the latest technologies allows us to carefully analyze every possible approach to any given effect. This process results in our ability to isolate and incorporate the most effective solutions available, no matter how simple or exotic the effect may be. Our competitive pricing and ability to meet demanding deadlines helps us offer the best quality available. At Synapse FX, We love what we do and simply believe that experience and extraordinary creative vision is what's really needed to complement your film or project.
Some of the greatest and most practical ways to enhance a film is by affecting your viewer emotionally. Achieving that emotion not only with great acting but by using the enhancement of Makeup or Special FX can be extremely effective. Whether that means creating the perfect character appearance, having that black eye or bruised arm, the monster you once drew on a piece of paper coming to life, or the one blood effect that can make your film. With a long list of credits, and many years of experience Synapse FX is here to make your vision a reality. With a growing crew of talented artists we offer all the elements your looking for. From Basic Makeup to a combination of Special Effect and CGI, we have the one stop shop to meet all your Practical and Visual FX needs!

We look forward to impressing you!



capabil_house Practical Effects: Post-Production:
Beauty & Hair
Makeup Effects
Special Effects
Pyrotechnic Effects
Atmosphere Effects
Mechanical Effects
Miniature Effects
Visual Effects
CG Animation
Motion Titles
Management: Design Services:
Television - Makeup, SFX, VFX
Feature Films - Makeup, SFX, VFX
Commercials - Makeup, SFX, VFX
Music Videos - Makeup, SFX, VFX
Location Production
Budgeting, Scheduling
Logo and Identity
Print Design
Web Design
DVD / CD Packaging
Motion GFX
Film Posters

...or any specific effect that comes to mind.


about_joe about_corinne about_josh
Joe Cornell
Executive Producer/Co-Founder
Corinne Dutra
Key Makeup/Effects Supervisor/Co-Owner
Josh Foster
Special Effects Coordinator/Co-Founder

Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones
In-House Visual Effects

Animation/Dynamics/Modeling/Lighting and Rendering

Our Facility

Practical and Visual Special Effects

13620 Imperial Hwy. Suite #5
Santa Fe Springs California 90670

Fax: 562.229.0757

Special Effects Capabilities

Beauty Makeup
Corrective Makeup . Basic Makeup . High Definition Beauty Makeup . Period Makeup . Glamour Makeup . Fashion Makeup . Avante Garde Makeup . Airbrush & Body Art
Special Makeup FX
Character Creation . Wounds . Lacerations . Burn Makeup . Scars . Cuts . Bald Caps . Facial Hair . Tattoos . Junkie Makeup . Bullet Wounds . Frozen Makeup . Sun Burn Makeup . Rashes . Bruise Makeup . Character Prothetics . Creature Prothetics . Extreme Injury Simulation . Practical Injury Simulation
Special FX
Custom Teeth . Custom Fangs . Creature Suits . Custom Props . Custom Weapons . Prop Creatures . Prop Bodies . Prop Limbs . Engineering . Animatronics . Miniatures . Blood FX
Bullet Hits . Body Hits . General Explosions . Car Explosions . Spark Hits . Dust Hits . Wall Hits . Fire Pits . Flame Bars . Heat Waves . Smoking Bullet Wounds . Miniature Explosions
Weather FX
Wind . Rain . Fog . Snow . Storms . Blizzards . Steam Effects . Smoke Effects
Visual FX
CG Animation . Modeling . Texturing . Compositing . Lighting . Rendering . Dynamics . Post-Production Services

...just when you thought it was all in your mind.
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